Table Cloths Handblock Design

At Atma Alam, we offer a variety design of tablecloths for use in and around the home. Here you can find colourful cotton handblock table cloths with a napkin set for everyday use, disposable tablecloths for events, parties, and even fitted cloths to provide a classic look to a buffet table. You will be able to find the table cloths in a variety of sizes and prices as below: Material : Cotton Sizes & Prices : Single set 1m x 1m – RM95.00 2m x 1.5m – RM206.00 Napkin Set 1.15m x 1.15m – RM199.00 (2 set) 1.5m x 1.5m – RM239.00 (4 set) 2m x 1.5m – RM269.00 (6 set) 2.5m x 2.5 m – RM314.00 (8 set) 2.75m x 1.5m – RM438.00 (10 set) 3m x 1.5m – RM548.00 (12 set) more details kindly whatsapp us at +0193871227 #langkawibatik #batiklangkawi #handmademalaysia #langkawishopping #atmaalambatikartvillage

Enggang Painting by SADA

Our new Enggang painting by SADA already presented at Atma Alam Gallery.
more details kindly whatsapp us at +0193871227
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Handblock Batik Shoes

Be beautiful, attractive and elegant with our new batik shoes. Using Handblock batik design our shoes are made comfortable suitable for any occasions. Available in sizes, many color selection and definitely good price at Atma Alam Batik Art Village. To more kindly whatsapp us at +0193871227 #langkawibatik #batiklangkawi #handmademalaysia #langkawishopping #atmaalambatikartvillage

RUPA by Dalili

RUPA created by Dalili are personalised organic spa product of natural ingredients ranging from organic soaps, massage oils, fragrance candles and many more.
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Atma Alam Jewelleries

Cultured pearl necklaces, rings, ear rings and bracelets beautifully designed by Illa Aza decorated with quartz and crystal while silk threads are used for the necklaces. Also, there is a tasteful range of fashion jewellery of platinum, gold and silver plated.
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DIY Batik Painting in 30 Minute

“Spending more time to get a good result”. Congrates to Natali and her friend from Kuala Lumpur for a wonderful coloring DIY batik painting..
Do it your self batik painting in 30 minute are available in Atma Alam
To see more our DIY design painting or to know more kindly whatsapp us at +0193871227
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Abstract Batik Painting by AZA & SADA

Our talented artist, AZA was spend his time to touch up his new abtract painting (cooperation with our batik artist SADA) with developing his unique technique and style. Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. To see more our handrawn design painting or to know more kindly whatsapp us at +0193871227 #langkawibatik #batiklangkawi #handmademalaysia #langkawishopping #atmaalambatikartvillage

Chanting Process

Canting is a pen like tool used to apply liquid hot wax in the batik making process, more precisely batik tulis.

Traditional canting consists of copper wax-container with small pipe spout and bamboo handle.

Traditional canting is made of copper, bronze, zinc or iron material, however modern version might uses teflon.

So many beautiful handrawn design are available at Atma Alam.

Available for online purchase. To see the design or to know more kindly whatsapp us at +0193871227

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A Copper Batik Stamping

The copper batik stamping used by batik artists to make handblock technic. The process is dipping them into hot wax, shaking off the excess, and then stamping the wax onto the fabric..
So many new handblock design fabric including silk, ryon and cotton available in Atma Alam.. 

28 September 2018 Group

Our customer enjoying their painting today..

Thankyou ‘popo’ for your lovely smile :)
Ollie already done her orang utan painting batik, special our new design one and only.. Congrates :)
Wonderful coloring by our customers.. Look nice ya ;) congrates for all..
‘Xie Xie’ Madam Mei ling..