Aza Osman (Oil Painter)

Aza Osman studied for his ‘O’ Level in England, Graphic Design in Germany and Fine Art in Italy during his young and carefree days, travelling around Europe absorbing the culture, philosophy and aspirations which eventually shape his psyche and mindset as an artist. Today, he is renowned for his abstract oil paintings.
His philosophy is to go with the flow in life and let destiny guide him. “I am a free spirit and my work reflects my mood and inspiration. I synthesize a scene in my mind to get the essence of my work and I transfer them into canvas. It is a personal journey of my observation of life and experience of emotion that can be virtual or imaginary. I don’t follow trends in colors, I paint from my own instinct. I find painting therapeutic”.

Aza’s experience in the commercial world started when he opened his own gallery called ‘Gallery 6’ in Kuala Lumpur in 1981. He travel extensively in Indonesia with fellow artist Khalil Ibrahim to meet other veteran artist, among them the Indonesian Pak Affendi who greatly inspires Aza. In 1987, Aza arrived in Langkawi to settled down and open his own art studio. His work are now coveted by collectors or by visitor to Langkawi.

Roshadah Yusof/Sada (Batik Artist)

The diminutive Ros may be small in stature but big on personality and inner strength. Coming from a poor family, she was determined to make a success of her life.
“I am not professionally trained Batik artist and I paint from my instinct. I guess I have a natural talent and good eye for colors. My hands are my fortune, I can produce handicrafts, sew, bake and cook and I love gardening.

There’s no stopping this dynamic lady whose words of wisdom are; “Don’t be lazy, think and work fast and cultivate good time management skills. Search for opportunities rather than wait for opportunity to knock on your door”.

Atma Alam is no less a marvel today. It has grown from a shack to an impressive building with its own gallery, batik studio, showrooms and boutique with a beautiful sunken garden and water featured. From that humble beginning, Ros and Aza has created whole industries in their own rights.